Appel à projets // art game

The artist-run centers perte de signal (Montréal) and SPOROBOLE (Sherbrooke) are launching a joint call for creative residency projects for the creation of “art game” type works.

Always a bit on the fringe of contemporary art, the experimental video game is an artistic practice that has existed for many years, as evidenced by iconic works such as Super Mario Clouds (2002) by the American artist Cory Arcangel, to name but one. Playing on the periphery of an international industry that is as powerful as it is lucrative, the almost unclassifiable artistic experimentation that this type of work represents nevertheless deserves to be highlighted, valued and reflected upon.

Moreover, the ambiguity of the relationship to the body exacerbated by the pandemic of the last year enriches the reflection – on both conceptual and material levels – surrounding the creation of experimental games. Indeed, is the virtualization of the body in the process of establishing new ways of being in the world? Does it embody a change of artistic paradigm? Through these residencies, we wish to open the discussion and contribute to the development of this artistic practice.

This call is addressed to :

  • Artists who are interested in the practice of experimental video games and who ideally have a base of autonomy;
  • Independent developers who are already working on this type of project and who are completely autonomous.

The creations resulting from these residencies will then be disseminated in a manner yet to be determined.

Each residency will last 10 weeks.
Target period: December 2021 – March 2022.

A total of two projects will be selected by a committee and assigned to each center.



The deadline for submitting applications is September 20, 2021.