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2018 | Galerie d’art R3 – UQTR, Trois-Rivières (QC_CA)

CURATOR: Robin Dupuis


Kinetic RE•TURN is a digital art exhibition series that seeks to demystify current art practices for the public. The first of the RE•TURN series, KINETIC presents work produced between 2013 and 2018

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mars 2019 | rustines_lab, Montréal (QC-CA)

octobre 2019 | Lab30, Augsbourg (DE)

From visual and digital arts, electronic music and the Internet, Pascale LeBlanc Lavigne, Lucas Paris and Roby Provost-Blanchard are participants in the perte de signal Projet Émergent program. Faced with their desire to combine their divergent practices into a common and coherent installation, the artists explore and question the transduction between mediums through different works dialoguing with a common theme.

Thus, their Transposition project proposes the interpretation of a complex organic movement, that of the flapping of a bird’s wings, towards a simple mechanical movement, so as to reduce the movement to its essence. Their exploration takes the form of interdisciplinary installations that seek to bring together kinetic sculptures, sound art, light art, and simulations.

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2018 | Biennale Chroniques, Marseille (FR)

Breath is this essential breath, this call to the air that invites you to slow down, that also makes you live – a not insignificant detail. At a time – ours – where time and breath are short, where we run after our air as if it were a headwind, a stop is essential.

From November 8 to 19, 2018, the works of Rosalie Dumont-Gagné and Alexis Bellavance will be presented in Marseille (FR) at the Galerie Hors les Murs as part of the biennial CHRONIQUES – Biennial of digital imaginary.

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2017 | Galerie des grands bains douches de la Plaine, Marseille (FR)

Beyond the a priori that silence refers to the absence of sounds, micro silence invites you to live a moment suspended in an atmosphere filled with murmurs, a real continuous flow of buzzing and rustling composed of small sounds amplified in space. The micro silence event presents the works of Quebec artists Alice Jarry and Vincent Evrard, Myriam Bessette and Robin Dupuis, and Claudette Lemay, as well as those of French artists Oussama Tabti, Patrice Caillet, Adam David, Matthieu Saladin, Dominique Blais, and Lucien Gaudion .

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2017 | Musée régional de la Côte-Nord, Sept-îles (QC_CA)

2015 | Centre d’exposition Léo-Ayotte, Shawinigan (QC_CA)

2014 | Centre de diffusion L’imagier, Gatineau (QC_CA)

Re-encodings assembles installation and videographic works that evoke the world of birds in a contemporary and experimental manner. Each in its own way, the works integrate a fragment of nature and put in perspective the gap between the real and its reproduction, the natural and the constructed.

Using modern technologies, they humorously explore this fictional space: interactive electronic modules evoke strange birds, a mechanical system of wooden gears recreates the twittering of sparrows, and human voices do some translation exercises. Whether taking aural or visual form, the figure of the bird is re-encoded, reinterpreted, and simulated, becoming a poetic object that the spectator can reconsider in their own imagination.

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2015 | Kunst Kraft Werk, Leipzig (DE)

2011-2012 | Trois-rivieres, Amos, Jonquière (QC_CA)


Myriam Bessette | Robin Dupuis | Martin Messier | Jonathan Villeneuve | Pavitra Wickramasinghe | Samuel St-Aubin | Nicolas Bernier | Jason Arsenault | Claudette Lemay | Martine Lauzier | Erick d’Orion | Amélie Brisson-Darveau | Darsha Hewitt 


curators :

  • Julie Bélisle
  • Ariane De Blois

Object Mechanics brings together recent installational and performative works by emerging and established digital artists in an exhibition that revisits historical creations and inventions using contemporary practices and current technologies. At once a touring exhibition and an exercise in mediation for new audiences in media arts, this project falls in step with Perte de Signal’s primary concerns.

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2013 | Occurrence, Montréal (QC_CA)

The Ex Vivo exhibition presents works by two artists exploring the laboratory’s experimental process. ABSENCES by Sofian Audry is a series of electronic interventions in situ in natural environments and in various regions of the world. Samuel St-Aubin presents two series of works. The first includes iterative mechanical sculptures constructed from everyday objects and the second, extensive technological devices of the human body similar to prototypes of the near future or from science fiction.


2011 | Centre d’exposition L’imagier, Gatineau (QC_CA)


Regroupant le travail vidéo, sonore et installatif de Jason Arsenault, Robin Dupuis et Nelly-Ève Rajotte, Instants fugitifs est une exposition d’arts médiatiques qui sonde de façon poétique ce qu’on pourrait désigner comme étant la tension entre l’aura de l’absence et la présence du spectre. Les différentes oeuvres choisies utilisent les qualités formelles propres aux nouveaux médias pour questionner le rapport que nous entretenons avec notre environnement immédiat qui, de plus en plus saturé d’images et de sons, se voit façonné par la prépondérance des nouvelles technologies.

Qu’elles soient immersives ou réactives à notre présence, qu’elles mettent de l’avant leur interface ou la dissimule, qu’elles sondent l’univers mythique des westerns américains ou nous confrontent au regard d’une inconnue, les oeuvres d’Instants fugitifs nous plongent d’abord dans un état de contemplation. Puis, elles nous amènent à réfléchir sur les empreintes ou les traces que laissent sur nous les informations audio et visuelles qui nous enrobent au quotidien, sur la façon dont elles modulent notre imaginaire.

Jason Arsenault, Robin Dupuis et Nelly-Ève Rajotte sont tous les trois membres de l’organisme montréalais Perte de Signal, un centre de production, de recherches et de développement en arts médiatiques dont les projets de diffusion préconisent une approche expérientielle des arts numériques et cherchent à en repenser les modes de présentation.

– Ariane De Blois

2012-2013 | Drummondville, Montréal, St-Jean-Port-Joli (QC_CA)




  • Charlotte Panaccio-Letendre

Impermanence presents a body of photographic, video and installational work that deals with an oft-explored subject in the arts: our environment, and how we apprehend our surroundings and our rapport with the world. Reaffirming its relevance to the preoccupations of contemporary art, the modern landscape presents itself in light of its precariousness and impermanence. Media artists have produced six recent works for this exhibition, employing current technologies and bringing a contemporary perspective to one of art history’s major genres. At once a touring exhibition on the island of Montreal and a media arts mediating endeavour for new audiences, this project is founded on preoccupations that are central to Perte de Signal.

2012 | BIAN, galerie Joyce Yahouda, Montréal (QC_CA)


CONFLUENCE is an exhibition that brings together 6 artists whose preferred medium is video. The Montreal artists behind the project are immersed in the development of new media arts practices in Quebec and internationally. The shown works are unique version that reflects their distinctive artistic practices.

2007 – 2009 | Saint-Jérome, Saint-Hyacinthe, Montréal (QC_CA) Toronto (CA), Trieste (IT), Augsburg (DE)

Trace is a collective digital art installation project. A multi-faceted work, Trace explores several facets of the same idea. Three sculptural elements, as many glances cast on an experience of everyday life that is lived in the transformation of private space. Bulbs, wiring, textiles, dyes and bolts intertwine, carrying within them the fragility of living spaces. Reality is thus diverted there, revealing the ephemeral aspect of a memory which is erased according to the renewal of the domestic sphere.

This project was carried out as part of the PROJET ÉMERGENT research-creation program.

2007 | Galerie Expression, Saint-Hyacinthe (QC_CA)


PROJECTILES invites visitors to live an experience that is both visual and audio. As we know, loss of signal behaves like a research laboratory which very judiciously examines the possibilities that the use of the computer generates, approach could not be more relevant considering the invasion of digital in each of the spheres of the society. The members of this collective produce installation, videographic and sound works which question the origin and the scope of these signs reduced to their simplest expression, image and sound. Then, the body of the spectator who circulates, interacts, hears, perceives, feels.

2005-2007 | Mont-Laurier, Québec, St-Jérome (QC_CA), Sudbury, Ottawa, Toronto (ON_CA)


The artists behind the Cubicules exhibition project have adopted a common constraint which consists essentially in rethinking the format of their works in very small installations, such as small video objects.

Cubicules does not offer so many objects to contemplate, but rather artistic approaches favoring experimentation which aims to renew the practice in media arts. These video installations explore new forms of sensoriality and reading of the moving image while creating unique environments, meeting places between humans and machines.

Thinking about the video installation in space according to its format is what has led artists to offer interventions that allow them to push the limits of their creation. This collective instigation is reflected in the approach of each of the artists. The exhibition has been presented at the Mont-Laurier Exhibition Center, the Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario, the Toronto Festival Images, the Ottawa Art Gallery, and the Quebec City Videotape. The Laurentian Museum of Contemporary Art hosted the last presentation of the project and the launch of the publication in January 2007.