Montréal, October 18, 2019 – From October 24 to 27, 2019, artists from the emerging project, Pascale LeBlanc Lavigne, Lucas Paris and Roby Provost Blanchard will be representing Quebec at Lab30, a festival of digital arts and analogs in Bavaria. Alice Strunkmann Meister will also present Hertz, the result of the residency she did at perte de signal this summer. 

Thanks to the support of the Quebec Ministry of Culture and Communications, and as part of the XV Quebec-Bavaria 2018-2020 Working Group, perte de signal has developed a two-year partnership with the Lab30 organization in Augsburg (Germany) . In this context, artists will present their collective exhibition Transposition from October 24 to 27, 2019.

Coming from the visual and digital arts, electronic music and internet art, Pascale LeBlanc Lavigne, Lucas Paris and Roby Provost-Blanchard are the participants of the emerging project project program by perte de signal. Faced with their desire to combine their divergent practices into a common and coherent installation, the artists explore and question the transduction between mediums through different works that dialogue with a common theme. Their project Transposition proposes the interpretation of a complex organic movement, that of the flapping of the wings of a bird, towards a simple mechanical movement, so as to reduce the movement to its essence. Their exploration takes the form of interdisciplinary installations that seek to create a dialogue between kinetic sculptures, sound art, light art, and simulations.

Pascale LeBlanc Lavigne will present Transposition rods.
Via simple mechanical processes, Pascale LeBlanc Lavigne creates imprecise kinetic and sonic artworks that hence explore the matter to which pressures are applied. Despite the precariousness of their assembling, these pieces are conceived with the intention of managing to generate forms the bare a poetic echo in a transitory state which stretches between creation and destruction.

This poetry is thus amplified by the elusive movement of the machine that comes to life despite all. With the intention of producing unexpected phenomena, LeBlanc Lavigne harness the fragility and the flexibility of several recuperated or industrial materials such as copper rods, paper or fragile pieces of wood. Unlike an industrial machinery, the elements are linked in a totally artisanal perhaps even flippant way. In doing so, the structures are unstable, sometimes short-lived, and their movements are potentially unpredictable. It is precisely this instability that creates the event in the venues where the assembling comes to life. The uncertain rhythms of movement and sound, linked to the raw esthetics of the components, intensify the random even dangerous effect of her creations. Thus Pascale LeBlanc Lavigne wishes her work to echo the indetermination of things and of the world in motion.



Lucas Paris will present COMPRSD-ADS.
comprsd-ads is a sculpture of cinetic light, a structure that opens and closes on itself. LED panels in movement, used worldwide as a support for ads, face each other creating an absurd situation where we are no more the main onlookers. The light reflects itself, the publicity addresses publicity.

The artist, here engineer of the absurd, looks to express a perceptual suffocation in a saturation of air, volume and minds by advertising and marketing.


He will also present his performance Emotional Synthesis on October 24, 9pm at the Abraxas theater.

Emotional Synthesis – preview from Lucas Paris on Vimeo.


Roby Provost-Blanchard présentera Summoning Signals.
Summoning Signals is an interactive piece played on a SEGA Dreamcast. Each player successively takes care of a solar panel installation in order to receive cryptic transmission from unknown locations. The well-being of the systems depends on each player interactions and will affect the quality of the received messages. Every received transmission is logged, forming an evolving tale of strange gestures.

Alice Strunkmann Meister wil present Hertz.

Alice Strunkmann-Meister uses the old technique of „Cyanotypie“ for her work „Hertz“. So it’s possible to visualize recurring movements. She’s able to catch invisible virbrations, to modelling them and then to project them with the help of a laser at a projection screen. Her project “Hertz” was built during a residency at perte de signal in Montréal (CA).
This project was realized during her residency at perte de signal – Montréal (CA), summer 2019 and was also presented in the rustines_lab in september 2019.


Press release Alice Strunkmann Meister in residency at perte de signal

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