Projet émergent for emerging artists/ call for applications_

Montreal, November 5, 2019 – perte de signal is launching a call for applications for its Projet émergent for emerging artists sponsorship program that provides support to emerging artists and is a real opportunity in their professional development.

The « Projet émergent » program is the first research-creation program developed by perte de signal. Created in 2002, it has since allowed many artists to start their professional career, including Jonathan Villeneuve, Karine Payette, Nelly-Eve Rajotte, and welcomed in 2016 the artists Lucas Paris, Pascale Leblanc-Lavigne and Roby Provost-Blanchard. Their final project “Tranposition” was presented in October 2019 at the German festival Lab30.

Mid-way between commissioned work and residency, Projet Émergent is a sponsorship program that provides two years’ assistance to a group of emerging artists in the development, production, presentation, and promotion of a significant collective digital art project.

The idea of developing such a program in 2002 came from observing the difficulties artists were facing between the end of their studies and the start of their professional careers. Projet Émergent is thus a solution for assisting them during this time of transition by providing a group of emerging artists a framework that can help them acquire professional artistic experience. The program demands the artists’ involvement in all aspects of project development: raising funds, ideation, production, locating a venue, and promotion. This particularity gives each of the participating artists the tools needed to pursue their professional careers, tools that allow them to bring not just their artistic idea but an entire project to fruition. The sponsorship provided by the organization is of a logistic, technical and financial nature, while artistic content is wholly in the hands of the artists involved.

TRANSPOSITION / MONTRÉAL / 2019 (Projet émergent 2016) _ perte de signal

For all the information on the program, the selection criteria, and the content of the application, please refer to the booklet on pages 14-17:

BOOKLET Rustines_lab 2019


[Applications must be submitted by December 15, 2019. Applications can be individual or collective. Requests for information and applications must be submitted electronically Applications may be submitted in French or in English. Candidates are selected by the perte de signal Rustines committee. ]

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Camille Montuelle,

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