As we celebrate the return of the cultural programmation, perte de signal is launching PDSSESSIONS, the first platform dedicated to digitals arts with exclusives sessions from Anne-F Jacques, Nelly-Eve Rajotte, and Stephanie Castonguay.

PDSSESSIONS is an accessible and mainstream VOD platform. It offers a catalog of complete and unpublished performances in digital arts, recorded at the rustines_lab in Montreal. The project takes place in a objective of preservation of content and articulation of a historiography of digital performance creation in Quebec.

Since last year, the artist center perte de signal record in its rustines_lab full audio and video performances of artist member or in residency. In a laboratory transformed into a TV studio, these performances are captured in multicam and 4K, like the famous BBC SESSIONS;

In 1967, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in London launched the BBC SESSIONS. English music record publishers, and future majors, were denying the BBC the right to broadcast content on their new Radio 1 channel. The loss of revenue from record sales was their main concern. In order to get around this problem, the BBC undertook an extensive “live” recording program of the major music groups in vogue at the time, and then broadcast them on air. This initiative completely transformed the radio, opened a new musical vocation, and even eventually rallied the record publishers. Today, these BBC recordings are better known for their unprecedented artefact and archive quality of a musical moment or age and a snub to Majors who failed to decode at the time the strength of radio, mass media, before it becomes their salvation. A historiographic tool that allows after more than 50 years, a reading of the evolution of popular music.

Thus, PDSSESSIONS is both a nod to the initiative of the BBC and a wish to offer artists of performance in digital arts and sound arts the opportunity to set their work in a high-definition audiovisual production for posterity.

The first iteration of the catalog proposes:

  • Rückenfigur, Nelly-Eve Rajotte
  • Elettronica povera, Stephanie Castonguay
  • Verticalités, différents niveaux d’incertitude Anne-F Jacques
  • To watch this fall : Ensemble d’oscillateurs, Nicolas Bernier

These contents are available à la carte, or by annual subscription at $5.39 at pdssessions.org.

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