1010 ¦ MONTRÉAL ¦ 2008

Jason Arsenault ¦ Sofian Audry ¦ Myriam Bessette ¦ Ariane De Blois ¦ Robin Dupuis ¦ Claudette Lemay ¦ Rémi Lacoste ¦ Isabelle Hayeur ¦ Julie-C Fortier ¦ Joanna Empain ¦ Nicolas Bernier ¦ Sébastien Pesot ¦ Nelly-Eve Rajotte ¦ Jonathan Villeneuve

Ten years after its foundation, Perte de Signal wished to gauge the outcome of its endeavous. As we know, the media arts centre usually spares no effort in disseminating its members’ work—no Small task either, considering how the latter always seem to venture on the most experimental paths. Fixed and moving images, sounds, installational devices, montage, projection, light—such are the basic materials of Perte de Signal’s inexhaustible exploration. Moreover, the characteristics of digital technologies and networked transmission have given them an inescapable sensé of the limits of a work of art, sprurring them to fashion new forms of reception.

Authors: Julie Bélisle, Marie-Ève Charron, Nicole Gingras, Nelson Henricks, Bernard Lamarche.

CubiculesCubicules ¦ MONTRÉAL ¦ 2007

Jason Arsenault ¦ Alexis Bellavance ¦ Myriam Bessette ¦ Robin Dupuis ¦ Claudette Lemay

This publication is a follow-up to a touring media arts exhibition initiated by Perte de Signal.Cubicules does not propose objects for contemplation so much as artistic processes that favour experimentation and the revitalization of media arts practices. These video installations explore new forms of sensoriality and ways of reading the moving image, while creating unique environments, meeting places between human and machine. Considering the spatial dimension of video installations in terms of scale is what led the group to present interventions that help broaden the limits of their art. Transcending the joint initiative is each artist’s creative process.

Author : Julie Bélisle

Répertoire ¦ MONTRÉAL ¦ 2007

Jason Arsenault ¦ Sofian Audry ¦ Myriam Bessette ¦ Ariane De Blois ¦ Robin Dupuis ¦ Claudette Lemay ¦ Nicolas Bernier Nelly-Eve Rajotte ¦ Jonathan Villeneuve

As artists of time and of the immaterial, sculptors of lights and sound, Perte de Signal members concoct dream-like universes where aesthetic expérience meshes with spectators/audience. Wether through vidéo and performances, or in installations and immercive Works, thèse artists strive to completely envelop their audiences. […] All the video works presented in this ccatalogue have been screened in major festivals around the wworld, and installations, immersive work, and performances have been presented in artistic events held in Quebec and abroad. This catalogue is meant to provide an overview of past and present work by a number of Perte de Signal artists. And though it cannot be exhaustive, it lists a significant portion of the Montreal-based organization’s production and provides a sampling of current media art practices.

Author: Ariane De Blois


Jason Arsenault ¦ Myriam Bessette ¦ Robin Dupuis ¦ Claudette Lemay ¦ Sébastien Pesot

Neither a report nor an exhibition catalogue, this publication rather intends to take stock of créative work being done at Perte de Signal, a new Quebec organization devoted to the media arts. In only seven years, the organization has steered a remarkable course through many appearances at specialized international festivals and numerous related activities, such as the curatorship of group exhibitions ans in situ installations. Perte de Signal takes brilliant advantage of the variability inhérent in digital technologies, making it an important player the current creative scene.

Dwelling on the work of Jason Arsenault, Myriam Bessette, Robin Dupuis, Claudette Lemay and Sébastien Pesot, this essay sheds light on the variety of artistic languages practised at Perte de Signal, from the intimist to the activist, through techno culture and minimalist aesthetics.

Author : Marie-Ève Charron