New Work By Nicolas Bernier, On VOD Channel SIGNAL|TV

Phantom by Nicolas Bernier

Recipient of the prestigious Golden Nica at the last Ars Electronica and just back from a tour in Europe and Asia, Quebec digital artist Nicolas Bernier launches a new video, Phantom (1651). The video is available on SIGNAL|TV, the first independent video on demand platform in Quebec.

Phantom (1651) is a video reduction of an electronic music piece written for hardanger fiddle (a traditional Norwegian instrument), tape, real time audio processing and video. The piece was commissioned by the Norwegian musician Britt Pernille Frøholm. Similar to the violin, the hardanger fiddle produces a haunting sound through the resonance of a second set of sympathetic strings, strung under the main strings. Based on the idea of spectral apparitions and ancestral memories, the piece is an ambient allegory, evoking presence and absence, between the past and the present. The video is an animation composed from a single fixed image created specifically for this project by visual artist Urban9, a long-time collaborator of Nicolas Bernier. The original piece is presented as an audiovisual concert.

Nicolas Bernier navigates between sound performances, installations, musique concrete, live electronics, post-rock, noise improvisation and video art, while also collaborating with dance, theatre and moving images in interdisciplinary contexts. In the midst of this eclecticism, his artistic concerns remain constant: the balance between the cerebral and the sensual and between organic sound sources and digital processing.

Nicolas Bernier is a PhD student at the University of Huddersfield (UK), under the direction of Pierre Alexandre Tremblay, and is a member of Perte de Signal. His works have been featured at Prix Ars Electronica (Austria), SONAR (Spain), Mutek (Canada), DotMov Festival (Japan), ZKM (Germany), Transmediale (Germany), and have been published on several labels such as Crónica (Portugal), Ahornfelder (Germany), Leerraum (Switzerland) and Home Normal (UK).

Perte de Signal is a Montreal based art centre that promotes and fosters the development of digital arts and innovative artistic uses of technology. From audio performances to video projections, and mechanical/robotics installations to public interventions, the Perte de Signal membership works in a variety of mediums while exploring a wide array of artistic and formal approaches.

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