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Montréal, November 13, 2019 – perte de signal wishes to highlight commitment and dedication to the Centre’s actions. It is therefore with great pride that the Board of Directors has named Sofian Audry as an honorary member.

A member of perte de signal since 2005 when he was part of the emerging artists sponsorship program, Sofian Audry has helped establish a broad and timely approach to cultural diversity at the Centre, drawing on his participation in the CREA NUMERICA conferences with the International Organisation of La Francophonie in Tunis in 2012. The conferences focused on the necessary conditions for genuine appropriation of digital culture. They sought to strengthen international cooperation between those specializing in digital creation, and to highlight initiatives by southern countries in this domain, encouraging a cross-sector approach where experience and good practices can be shared.

Following this period of reflection, and alongside the Centre, Sofian Audry launched the SONDES projects of solidarity and collaboration to support and collaborate on digital arts initiatives in southern Francophone countries. From Montréal to Dakar, artists working with free software are able to develop, use, and share their tools while reflecting on their role in the practice and aesthetic of international digital arts. Putting this involvement into action, SONDES aims to create a theoretical and artistic context in which a common understanding of digital arts can be shared, thus enriching the practical, aesthetic, and political aspects of the culture surrounding free software.

Collaborative activities were launched in Africa the following year with a program that paired African and Montréal artists, and with the presentation of joint projects in Tunis (October 2013), Casablanca (April 2014), and Dakar (October 2014), followed by an American collaboration in Port-au-Prince (November 2015). These initiatives have allowed us to develop close links with our institutional partners and collaborators, as well as with southern Francophone artist communities. To enhance the impact of our collaborations and meetings, we began in 2015 to develop new measures to bolster this network, in particular through the SONDES residency program for southern Francophone communities, with the support of the Conseil des Arts de Montréal. Since then, perte de signal has hosted an artist from a southern Francophone country every year at rustines_lab.

During his time as President, Sofian Audry oversaw a total reform of membership in 2015 that widened the Centre’s accessibility, as well as the creation of a new diversity policy from 2017 to 2019. This policy aims to channel perte de signal’s efforts towards improving the diversity of its members, programming, and audiences. It demonstrates the Centre’s commitment to working actively for a fair and equal playing field for its communities, free of discrimination and open to diversity in all its manifestations.

perte de signal is enormously proud of Sofian Audry’s work in leading the Centre through a number of major turning points, which are sure to have a lasting impact on the Centre.” 
Stephanie Castonguay, President, perte de signal.

His work Le sens du néoisme, in collaboration with Monty Cantsin? (alias Istvan Kantor Amen!) is currently presentee at New Technology Art Award à Gand (BE).

The Sense of Neoism?! An Infinite Manifesto from perte de signal on Vimeo.


perte de signal is a Montreal artist centre. Its mission is to promote and foster the development of digital arts and innovative artistic uses of technology. perte-de-signal.org

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