Object Mechanics

LIEPZIG ¦ 2015

Nicolas Bernier ¦ Myriam Bessette ¦ Robin Dupuis ¦ Samuel St-Aubin ¦ Martin Messier ¦ Pavitra Wickramasinghe ¦ Jonathan Villeneuve ¦ Darsha Hewitt

Object mechanics gathers several installative works in an exhibition that revisits in a contemporary manner and with the current technology the creations and past inventions of emerging and more established digital artists.

Presented at the gallery KunstKraftWerk
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Sofian Audry ¦ Samuel St-Aubin ¦ Claudette Lemay ¦ Stephanie Castonguay

Re-encodings assembles installation and videographic works that evoke the world of birds in a contemporary and experimental manner. Each in its own way, the works integrate a fragment of nature and put in perspective the gap between the real and its reproduction, the natural and the constructed. Using modern technologies, they humorously explore this fictional space, sometimes by inserting interactive electronic modules in the gallery who evoque strange birds, or by multiplying translation exercises of birdcalls with the human voice. Whether taking aural or visual form, the figure of the bird is re-encoded, reinterpreted, and simulated, becoming a poetic object that the spectator can reconsider in their own imagination.

Presented at Centre d’exposition l’Imagier & at Centre d’exposition Léo-Ayotte.

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One Thing To Another


Samuel Saint-Aubin

One thing to another deals with the border between the behavior of matter and the control exercised over it by electromechanical devices. The exhibition presents a series of kinetic sculptures each highlighting the isolated behavior of an object from our collective universe. Objects-selected materials are tested through exercises of balance, strength and chance. These devices reveal the poetic side of everyday life that often escapes our attention.

Presented at Maison des Arts de Laval, Show Off & Galerie Occurrence.

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Simple Machines


Jonathan Villeneuve

Simple Machines is an exhibition that brings together four of the most recent electromechanical installations by the artist Jonathan Villeneuve. The works of Simple Machines are made out of raw materials and found objects that move and produce sounds in ways that challenge one’s assumption about its imaginary function.

Presented at Galerie d’art du Centre culturel de l’Université de Sherbrooke & at the Centre d’exposition de Rouyn-Noranda.

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Ex Vivo

MONTRÉAL ¦ 2013-2014

Sofian Audry ¦ Samuel St-Aubin

Ex Vivo considers the laboratory, revealing the relationship between that which is internal to it and that which is external to it. As sociologist Bruno Latour says, “laboratories are one of the few places where the very composition of the social context has been metamorphosed.” Our societies are to a great extent conditioned by what happens inside these labs. Some scientific results completely alter our lifestyle and environment, while others are hardly used or taken into consideration: the influence of laboratories raises economic and political questions and issues about the transmission of the scientific knowledge generated there.

Ex Vivo investigates the future of our societies with their rapidly changing technosciences and cultures. By addressing the social imagination underpinning laboratory research and the work of the research scientist, the exhibition reveals a creative process that is similar to an experimental process. It considers the relationship between technology and the environment by presenting lab work procedures carried out in contexts typically external to them.

Curator: Aurélie Besson
Presented at Galerie Occurrence.

Refusing to make a scene


Pavitra Wickramasinghe

Refusing to make a scene recreates the instant when light is propagated in the gallery, but instead of immersing us in the image, it suspends us inside of it, using a screen made of a nylon and stainless steel mesh that materializes the image. In the space, the projected image never touches the screen completely because its porosity prevents the image from catching on the wire mesh. The nylon and steel wires allow the light to escape and indecipherably get lost in the gallery and on the observer’s body, who, by moving, perceives the illusion’s decomposition from different viewing angles. This process is propagated between the layers of nylon and the image decomposing in the gallery. Pavitra Wickramasinghe has created a screen that materializes the image’s gaseous state, emphasizing its relationship with the observer. (Excerpt of text by Erandy Vergara)

Presented at Maison de la culture de Villeray–Saint-Michel–Parc-Extension, at the Centre d’exposition de Rouyn-Noranda, at Galerie d’art Desjardins, at Galerie Connexion, at the Centre national d’exposition, at the Centre d’exposition d’Amos, at La Bande Vidéo, at the Centre d’exposition Raymond-Lasnier, at Estevan Art Gallery & at Galerie B-312

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Alexis Bellavance ¦ François Quévillon ¦ Nelly-Ève Rajotte

Impermanence presents a body of photographic, video and installational work that deals with an oft-explored subject in the arts: our environment, and how we apprehend our surroundings and our rapport with the world. Reaffirming its relevance to the preoccupations of contemporary art, the modern landscape presents itself in light of its precariousness and impermanence.

Curator: Charlotte Panaccio-Letendre

Presented at Espace Cercle Carré, at the Maison des Arts Desjardins Drummondville & at Galerie Sans Nom.

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Jason Arsenault ¦ Myriam Bessette ¦ Robin Dupuis ¦ François Quévillon ¦ Nelly-Ève Rajotte¦ Pavitra Wickramasinghe

The exhibition Confluence brings together works of 6 Perte de Signal artists who use video as a choice medium. This project has been produced by Montreal artists involved in the development of digital art practices in Canada and internationally. Here, the medium is the link in an exhibition representing a wide variety of videographic practices and that has the aim to reveal the innovative artistic approaches put forward by these artists since several years. Confluence is a video choreography offering a journey that confronts the visitor with moving images. These works attempt to capture/retain bits of the constant flow of digital information. Uncertainty and instability are reflected in these videos that are at the confluence of abstraction and figuration.

Presented at Galerie Joyce Yahouda

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Object Mechanics


Jason Arsenault ¦ Martin Messier ¦ Myriam Bessette ¦ Martine Lauzier ¦ Robin Dupuis ¦ Jonathan Villeneuve ¦ Érick d’Orion ¦ Pavitra Wickramasinghe ¦ Amélie Brisson-Darveau ¦ Claudette Lemay

Object Mechanics gathers several installative works in an exhibition that revisits in a contemporary manner and with the current technology the creations and past inventions of emerging and more established digital artists. A dissemination project as well as a digital art mediation exercise toward new audiences this exhibition takes its very root in Perte de Signal’s main direction which aims to promote the discipline’s outreach towards all public.

Curators: Ariane De Blois et Julie Bélisle

Presented at the Centre national d’exposition, at the Centre d’exposition Raymond-Lasnier & at the Centre d’exposition d’Amos.

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Instants fugitifs


Jason Arsenault ¦ Robin Dupuis ¦ Nelly-Ève Rajotte

Instants fugitifs is a digital arts exhibition including videographic, audio and installative works by Jason Arsenault, Robin Dupuis and Nelly-Ève Rajotte on the notions of appearance/disappearance and presence/absence. These artists are members of the Montreal-based artist center Perte de Signal, a center of production, research and development in digital arts advocating for an experiential approach and seeking to rethink its modes of presentation.

Presented at the Centre d’exposition L’Imagier.

Project Specifications
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